Why External Insulation, especially now?

Why should you externally insullate your house? Ok, lets get straight to the valid points.

  • It will reduce the heat loss in your house dramatically, especially when coupled with an upgrade to your attic insulation. Savings of 60% on heating bills have been recorded – FACT! And these savings will only increase as the price of fuel goes up. History has told us that up is the only way that those prices will go.
  • After the work is done, your house will look brand new. We can show you before and after photos of jobs that we have done and they quiet literally look like different houses. As there is a new render finish and windowsills have been upgraded the effects are astonishing.
  • The comfort level in the house rises considerably because draughts etc are eradicated due to the whole house being covered in a layer of insulation. That allied to the more consistent ambient temperature, even after the heating has been turned off will result in a much more comfortable living space.
  • Cut out the painting! As the colour (picked by yourself) is actually in the render it does not fade. Yet another saving for the householder. It will look as good as new years after being put up.
  • If you have a solid stone or cavity block wall, either external insulation or internal dry-lining are your only options to insulate. External Insulation means that all work is undertaken outside thus keeping the inside of your house free from any mess. Insulation Professionals also guarantee that the outside will be completely tidied and left as we got it before we finish on site.
  • There are currently SEAI grants on offer for this work. They run out in 2013. Take advantage now.

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Why Building a Passive House Makes Sense

Passive house is a modern concept and it is much more eco-friendly. People show excellent zeal for building the energy efficient building. If a person has the basic knowledge regarding how to build a passive house, he will be able to choose a excellent and well designed passive building. The passive building is a little bit costly.

So far as the design of this low energy house is concerned, this house looks good and attractive. There are certain points which must be discussed so that a person can put together a plan how to design the passive house. At the time of making this type of house or building, a person needs to concentrate much on the shape and size of the passive house. There will be sufficient shape with little surface area. The house should be well designed with the big size low energy windows and very few external doors. The building should be a sort of duplex housing complex with the availability of the two or more small size apartments in one portion of the building. The designer of the passive house can imitate the Scandinavian design. The insulation coverage of the house is also much suitable. However all these passive houses are two storied and therefore one should make proper arrangement for the air tightness and the good insulation plus upgraded heating recovery ventilation system.

A vast research is still being done by the experts to upgrade the passive house. This house is now very famous in America. Passive house is also called zero-energy house or body heat house. This type of building requires zero heat to heat the whole building. There is a full guarantee for keeping the comfortable climatic condition inside the building. During summer season, a person can enjoy a lot to spend day and night sitting in this air tight room where he will get the cool climate.

Simultaneously, during wintry season, he will taste the fruit of liberty and comfort by relaxing in the low energy house where there is the availability of the warmth and heat. To it all, a gentleman will get 100% assurance of pollution free atmosphere. The cost of the house is to some extent higher but it is not out of reach. The rest of the required heat is supplied through the heating recovery ventilation system. This type of building will be very helpful in those areas where there is moderate climatic condition. It will save dollars. So far as the price rate is concerned, passive house is little costly. However, if a person finds a reputed and well known company or designer, he will be benefited much. Usually the windows of the passive house are closed but these windows can be opened to get fresh air. It is also true that there is no requirement of opening windows because of the perfect arrangement of the alternative source of the entry of the fresh air via ventilators. These ventilators are equipped with filtering system which will refine and re-filter the air which is laden with pollutants.

Passive house is very conducive to keep healthy atmosphere inside the building. The glamour of the passive house is remarkably excellent. However, there are many persons who have the lack of proper understanding regarding the effectiveness and usefulness of the low energy house. The experts deny such possibility. Otherwise, it is fully protected. There is another advantage of building passive house. A person will not be worried about the complicated technical appliances. Anyone can easily operate this mechanically upgraded ventilator. It is very simple to use. Even a house owner will not have to call any technician or mechanic to replace the damaged air filter tool. He can do this job if he has the basic technical know-how to change the air filter.

However, one should maintain the air filter with much care. There are many aspect which must be remembered to keep the passive house intact. A gentleman must clean the house regularly with a good vacuum cleaner which will be upgraded with very sophisticated dust filtering equipment. If it is so, he must remove the unwanted dust particles. Lastly, he can consult the experts how to clean the house and keep it out of danger. A short internet browsing will also stand a person in good stead.

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The Benefits of External Wall Insulation

The external wall insulation is very much important and vital to manage the power utilization of the house. If you do not have this kind of insulation installed at your home then the temperature of your house will never be comfortable as it will be too hot in the hot season and too chilly in the winter season. The expenses of warming and cooling are likely to increase as you attempt to maintain a relaxed temperature inside your house. Filling the external walls is not at all a hard job and can be completed in no time but that depends on the amount of work required for the job. Given below in the article I have stated a number of benefits that are provided by the external wall insulation.

When you have set up this insulation, you will be safe from all kinds of trouble and you can prevent the extra expense of house maintenance. The troubles that you face in the places such as the likes of cooking room, washroom, store room and electric points as well can be prevented by the help of this insulation. The possibility of chilly bridges at the top and wall connections are decreased or completely abolished.

In case of a complicated construction, it is fairly simple to make sure that the entire exterior wall is filled. The entire arrangement of the wall is secured and because of that the exterior phase is protected from corrosion by getting exposure to the climate. Thanks to the external wall insulation the interior compression troubles are reduced and you feel more comfortable in the house. The outside look is noticeably enhanced and the entire park of inferior home can experience an amazing face lift with its resulting communal and emotional advantages. Last but not the least; the entire construction attains an extra security that will considerably amplify its life span.

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Insulate Your Attic And Reduce Energy Costs

We do not insulate our buildings nearly enough. The costs savings in your electric and heating bill from a well-insulated house over a period of time are really quite significant. Whatever the energy costs of making and installing insulation, the energy savings are substantially larger.

Almost all homes are being built without adequate insulation. It makes no difference whether you live in the cold north or the hot south. Air conditioning in a hot summer costs as much as heating in a cold winter.

The problem for most homeowners is that, unless you are remodeling, it is difficult to add insulation to the walls. However, most people can add insulation into their attics. That is good news, because increasing the level of insulation in your attic will substantially reduce your energy bill.

The summer air-conditioning bill for the house I purchased a few years ago in Houston, Texas, was running around $400 a month. I added insulation to the attic at a cost of around $900. I did the labor myself. It was a hot and nasty job, but I love the results. My highest summer bill is now $220. And in what is called winter in Houston, it is only the low 40′s (F) that causes us to feel the need to turn on any heat.

Even if we had saved only $50 a month, adding insulation to the attic would have paid for itself in a year and a half. Three years, if we had hired it done. From then on, it’s money that stays in my pocket. But we save more than that, not even considering our increased comfort.

So, if your attic is accessible, find an insulation contractor to estimate what it would cost to blow several inches of more insulation into your attic. They have a machine that blows loose insulation in through a large hose. It’s rather a simple job, really, though hot and nasty. Get the best price you can, but ultimately, the cost of the job will be meaningless when you see the drop in your electric bill through the hot months of summer – or conversely the drop in your heating bill in winter.

That is not all you can and should do just in your attic to reduce the energy costs of your home. Consider also an aluminum reflector stapled under your rafters and an attic fan for the hot summer months. If everyone with an attic added insulation, what a drop in energy usage this world would see! And you would have a lower electric bill as well.

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